Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Best wishes for a safe, happy 2012!

One of my resolutions is to FINALLY start writing again and get this page kicking. Cheers!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Call of Winter

The call of winter beckons me
But all I want is to be free
Of expectations, of constraints
Free of your world's awful taint

Free to live the way I want
But still I see my life you haunt
Never ever letting go
This coldness all I seem to know

Sunshine still eluding me
Chained here to this woeful tree
I'm tired with no will to fight
Resigned to stay here in the night

I fall asleep, I hear you laugh
The haunting from my darkened past
Do your worst, for I don't care
I'm never going anywhere

Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Goodbyes

Something a bit different from my usual fare.

I recall your touch the day we met
And never will my mind forget
The smile on your lovely lips
As you gave to me a tender kiss

I recall the feel of your embrace
And every tear upon your face
Each moment etched within my mind
Cannot forget, nor will I try

Though times have changed and so have we
Still you mean the world to me
A different place, a different time
When I was yours and you were mine

And though we travel different roads
I never feel that I'm alone
For deep within my memories
You walk the beaten path with me

No one can take what we have shared
Or change the fact that we both cared
Beyond the sadness, past the pain
I still smile when I say your name

"To have loved and lost" I think it goes
A hollow truth but still I know
That though we've gone our separate ways
I wouldn't trade a single day

Thank you for the memories
And thank you most for saving me
For what I am I owe to you
No matter what this much is true

I wipe a tear and force a smile
These words I find hard to compile
I wish I could and though I try
I know we'll never say goodbye

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stories on the way!

Unfortunately delayed a bit due to weather/power issues around here. Hoping to get some stuff up ASAP.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moonlight Gypsy

Moonlight gypsy, runaway

From caravan she broke away

Hidden in the mountain wood

Not going back, she's left for good

A hunter on the rocky path

Elusive prey beyond his grasp

On the prowl since morning light

Ambition waning with the night

From chilly lake he hears a sound

Footprints lie upon the ground

He follows them to where they lead

His eyes he barely can believe

From the water she does rise

A feast of beauty for the eyes

Her naked body, firm and fair

Drops of water from her hair

Watching as she builds a fire

He feels the warmth of pure desire

She's basking in the heated glow

This creature fine he longs to know

He approaches from beyond the brush

Away from him she starts to rush

He implores her not to run away

She whispers softly she will stay

They sit beside the flicking flames

He doesn't even know her name

He takes her in a tight embrace

His fingertips along her face

Her naked body, his caress

His hands upon her supple breasts

Electric touch upon her skin

Her gentle moans invite him in

He slides himself between her thighs

He looks so deep into her eyes

She feels him as he starts to thrust

They moan together, bound by lust

She grips him tight from deep within

As he grunts she starts to grin

Their tongues entwine in tangled kiss

He penetrates her warm, pink bliss

Their climax rises like a tide

Faster now he starts to ride

She writhes beneath him, ecstasy

As her juices flow so free

They tremble 'fore the rising crest

Hearts are pounding in their chests

Slick with sweat, awash in love

Beneath the silent moon above

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Huntress And Her Hunted

Caught in a tempest of temptation
Slipped inside a world of sin
A glint of evil in her eyes
Upon her lips a wicked grin

She stalks her prey so carefully
The huntress of the night
He moans aloud and begs
To know her walls so warm and tight

She teases and she taunts him
Stringing him along
Gets inside his head
As she sings her siren song

Her body is a symphony
Every naked, supple curve
She speaks to him in motions
Never uttering a word

She won't allow him respite
She will not allow him rest
As her ruby lips so softly
Kiss his hot and heaving chest

Her hands caress his body
As he enters her so deep
The devil has awoken
The one so fast asleep

Their bodies locked in rhythm
In a dance of want and need
Feverishly writhing
As they move with sultry speed

Hard and fast, two animals
Let passions run away
As the huntress and her hunted
Let inner passions play

A gasp as he impales her
As he readies to erupt
She pulls him close and tight
As he fills her loving cup

The cold night air is nothing
To their bodies soaked in sweat
For a raging fire started
When at last they finally met

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Night Rain

The night rain falls so hard and fast
The skies are crying at long last
From the hut, a flickered flame
He hears the whisper of his name

Something draws him to the door
A huntress crawls upon the floor
Beckons him to step inside
To feed the flesh and feed the mind

He sits upon a weathered chair
She eyes him up through tousled hair
A wicked grin upon her lips
Upon his chest her fingertips

Her gentle touch brings him to life
Her hand upon his swollen pride
Slowly stroking, coaxing him
Her mouth so wet now takes him in

He groans aloud as she performs
His mind awash in sinful swarms
Growing hotter in the room
A she plays a tawdry tune

He knows that he must take her now
He pledges all in solemn vow
Victory is in her eyes
She allows him now to claim his prize

His hands explore her body bare
The scent of sex within the air
From behind he enters fast
Her lips release a lusty gasp

Invading her, he thrusts so deep
Desire wakes from silent sleep
Her walls around him, gripping tight
Their moans of lust pierce darkened night

Hints of pleasure mixed with pain
As he penetrates her yet again
Her sweetest honey starts to drip
As he kisses ruby lips

Bucking, grinding, symphony
Naked bodies, sinful glee
As he erupts she pulls him tight
As the rains fall steady in the night

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Quick update

Sorry nothing new's been added. Work has been extremely busy and I haven't been getting in 'til about 3AM on average.
Hoping it quiets down soon!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carnal Feast

Two naked bodies intertwined
A carnal feast of flesh and mind
A sultry gasp in evening air
Lips upon her skin so fair

A taunting lick between her thighs
A look of want within her eyes
She needs to feel his love tonight
Between her walls so warm and tight

She takes his hardness in her hands
Every inch of throbbing man
Stroking him so playfully
Groans of lust are flying free

She longs to take his swollen gift
He enters her so hard and swift
Her eyes grow wide as he impales
Into his back she digs her nails

Looking deep into her eyes
As he fills her with his size
She moans aloud and calls for more
As they roll upon the floor

Bodies slick with salty sweat
Two bodies thrusting, soaking wet
A climax starts to build inside
Faster now, their sinful ride

She wraps around him, ever tight
Their sweet release is just in sight
They start to tremble, start to shake
The room around them starts to quake

Two lovers joined in ecstasy
Two animals so wild and free
A warm embrace, a soulful kiss
As they collapse within their bliss

Sunday, June 12, 2011

One More Taste

The moon is high and tensions ebb

Tangled up within her web

Moving with erotic grace

That wicked smile on her face

Calling out her lover's name

Begins anew, the midnight game

Flesh to flesh, their bodies meet

A taste of juices warm and sweet

Lovers move upon the bed

A passion deep within his head

She takes his hardness, every inch

Succumbing to this sultry bitch

Honey flows as passion flares

A scream of lust impales the air

Together in a warm embrace

Of another time and one more taste

Saturday, April 2, 2011

As You Let Me Know

Your darkest depths
Your deep desires
I want to warm
Beside your fire

I want to taste
Your honey sweet
I want to worship
At your feet

See your body
Standing there
To see your soul
Your lust laid bare

I want to take you
On the bed
The fantasy
Within your head

To caress you
With my ready mouth
My tongue slowly circles
All around

You arch your back
My name you moan
How I love
To hear you groan

You writhe beneath me
As you come
Your juices warmer
Than the sun

A flood of sweetness
On my face
Your hips thrust
At a quickened pace

To pleasure you
My driving force
To hear you ask me
For some more

To see the smile
On your face
As you let me know
Your taste

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Tonight you'll close your tired eyes
As thoughts of pleasure move your mind
Passion pictures everywhere
The scent of sex in cool night air

You try to chase them from your head
As you twist upon your bed
Your naked body stirring 'round
From your lips a wanton sound

I hear your calling quietly
I hear desire calling me
To quench the thirst you feel within
To wrap you in a cloak of sin

I watch you writhe, I hear you beg
As you part your dreamy legs
You beckon me to take a taste
Another second I'll not waste

My tongue caresses up and down
Pleasure on your aching mound
Drinking all your sacred wine
Tonight, forever, you'll be mine

I feel your honey start to drip
A sweet delight on evil lips
Baptized by your sex so wet
Our bodies slick with salty sweat

My hardened shaft is standing proud
I want to hear you moan aloud
As I drive it deep within
A subtle kiss, an evil grin

Your gates are open wide to me
Our inner demons running free
I sheathe myself inside your warmth
As my hands peruse your naked form

Breasts so full, your grinding hips
Your sparkling eyes and ruby lips
Perfection in it's purest form
Our tongues engage in playful war

Driven by my aching lust
The heavens crumble, left to dust
Impaling you so hard and fast
Until I'm emptied to the last

A shudder and a violent shake
Our bodies start to move and quake
We hold each other tighter still
Engulfed within a blackened thrill

My naked body pressed to yours
A quiet wind outside the door
For now at least we've found our peace
Until again we crave release

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sorry for the lack of new material

Work's gotten a bit hectic again and I recently had an odd experience which kind of set my mind off a bit.
Hoping to get some new stuff up in a few days.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As Winter Flies

The driving wind
The snow outside
A fire raging
Warm inside

Upon the rug
She deftly lay
The time is now
She wants to play

She beckons him
To join her there
The fire flickers
On her hair

He kneels beside
Her body tight
Gazes in her eyes
So bright

Their lips join in
A sultry dance
Seductive, slow
A lover's trance

Her porcelain skin
So soft and pure
Succumbing to her
Tempting lure

His arms around her
Holding tight
A lustful bird
Has taken flight

In unison
Their bodies move
Locked into
A sacred groove

Slowly now
He slides within
Upon her lips
A sexy grin

As he penetrates
The naked dance
Of hungry mates

Her sex so moist
Her walls so tight
A lusty moan
Within the night

Impaling her
His throbbing shaft
Deep in her throat
A breathless gasp

She begs him deeper
Deeper still
Lost inside
The sinful thrill

Convulsing bodies
How they quake
She starts to quiver
As he shakes

An explosion
Deep inside
Through their climax
They both ride

A gentle touch
Hand on his face
Upon his lips
Her fingers trace

A soft embrace
As slumber calls
As winter flies
Outside the walls

Sunday, February 6, 2011

When Heaven Meets Hell

They met upon the battlefield
Where neither side refused to yield
Archangels facing Lucifer
That was where he first saw her

A stalemate on the field that night
Both sides withdrew and ceased to fight
But he knew they'd meet again
They'd meet upon the field of sin

She thought about his evil gaze
In her mind both night and day
Would she see him another time?
Forbidden lust would be their crime

Her face was in his fevered brain
A lust so deep it brought him pain
He called to her through astral planes
He had to see her once again

Defiantly through Heaven's gate
She went to meet her demon mate
Through Halls of Hades he did crawl
To make that lovely angel fall

They met upon the field again
Her eyes surveyed his evil grin
She gave a look, returned in kind
Unholy union on their minds

They moved together, warm embrace
Her ruby lips he had to taste
Tongues danced along in sinful glee
Never had they felt so free

His caress upon her shoulders white
His body felt so hard and tight
They lay together on the ground
His tongue explored her sultry mound

Tasting her was so divine
Finer than the sweetest wine
She arched her back and held his head
A moan passed from her lips so red

His face a mask so glistening
He longed to make this angel sing
She shuddered as her juices flowed
The demon's hardness fully grown

Her aching sex, it beckoned him
To bring his stiffness deep within
He entered her, their eyes went wide
As he plunged so deep inside

Around his shaft she wrapped so tight
Cries of passion in the night
The Heaven's shook and Hades roared
Forbidden lust would take it's toll

He kissed her hard and thrust so fast
Each thrust was harder than the last
She grasped his body, pulled him near
He whispered sins within her ear

Together now, two bodies one
The angel and the demon's son
Their climax like a driving rain
The world around them gone away

A gentle kiss they softly shared
As they basked within the evening air
She looked above, he looked below
Their masters, they would surely know

That on the field this very night
The sides they met, but not to fight
They met to quench their carnal needs
And left it for the world to see

Decadent Call

An autumn night, an alley dark
A sultry kiss, a wild spark
Two bodies grind, a passion play
Exploring hands must find their way

Beneath the lights, a sexy moan
She touches him, he starts to groan
She takes his hardness in her hands
Every inch of throbbing man

His mouth so hot upon her breast
Heart is racing in her chest
An evening chill within the air
His hands pull gently at her hair

Her body moving up and down
His fingers find her aching mound
She gasps aloud and lets him in
Two bodies drenched with sweat and sin

He penetrates her hard and swift
His hands upon her writhing hips
Deep inside her moistened walls
A driving rain begins to fall

Their devil dance grows quicker still
Engulfed within their lusty thrills
She squeezes tight around his shaft
Their climax coming hard and fast

She drenches him in honey fair
As he erupts without a care
They brace themselves against the wall
An answer given to the call

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updating. Hopefully soon. lol

My plans to update this page keep getting derailed by work and so far this winter, Mother Nature.

I've unfortunately had to put writing on the back burner the past 4-6 months for the most part. I do miss it and hope to get back to it ASAP.

My best wishes to everyone. Hope to see you soon!