Sunday, April 22, 2012

Open Eyes

The eyes of night are open
And they see your every move
They watch you slowly dancing
Watch your body's sultry groove

Locked within a rhythm
As you glide across the floor
Basking in the hell
That you bring to heaven's door

A grin on ruby lips
As you tempt the watching eyes
The strobe light pulsing gently
Skin tight dress hugged 'round your thighs

The bass drum slowly pounding
How your hips so sweetly sway
As you trip the light fantastic
And make the music bend your way

This floor is yours, it always was
And it will ever be
The only place you feel at home
Only place you're truly free

Wicked Woman

Wicked woman, lips of wine
Another place, another time
Lost in a dream, lost in your maze
I see desire through the haze

I see you twirl, I see you dance
I see you cast a sultry glance
Your body taut is tempting me
To set all inhibitions free

To throw away all common sense
To revel in your decadence
To feel your body next to mine
To steal away your precious time

To know the secrets that you keep
To drink you in, to drink you deep
I'd take on shackles, be your slave
Through your touch my soul is saved

Once again I'm giving chase
But I won't be victim to my haste
Some day I'll know your pleasures fine
Your wickedness shall soon be mine