Monday, August 30, 2010

The Reclamation

This piece is a sword and sorcery inspired poem I wrote. It's a basic revenge tale with a medieval backdrop. I have to admit I rather enjoyed writing this one and even now as I re-read it I am somewhat happy with the way it turned out.
I think the mindset appeals to me. Sometimes terrible things happen and we, for whatever reason, cannot strike back as we might like. The primal instinct is there in most of us, but obviously we cannot indulge said instinct.

When I refer to the primal instinct I am not referring specifically to physical violence. Sometimes even giving someone who's screwed us over a simple "Fuck you" isn't a viable option.

Anyhow, enough from me. This is a flight of fancy for everyone out there that's ever been wronged.



The Reclamation

Snow capped mountains up ahead
Dirty devils at the gates
My axe is sharp, my sword is forged
From the flames of blackened hate

Approaching ever silent
So to catch them by surprise
A violent hail of ripping flesh
Splattered blood within my eyes

Through the gates I see two more
I send them straight to Hell
The stench of dying demons
Leaves a filthy, acrid smell

I cross the moat and I am met
By a vile, swarming horde
I run the bastards through
I raise my blade and greet some more

Heads are rolling to the ground
Skulls split clean in half
Amidst the blinding carnage
I let out a hearty laugh

No surrender, no retreat
Nothing but the fight
The sounds of brutal amputation
Ring aloud through chilly night

I breach the castle walls
And I see another wave
In service to their master
The puppets fall and die in vain

I've come to claim my property
I've come to claim what's mine
Stole my castle, stole my queen
I'm here to take them back tonight

I'm just outside the chambers
Your time of doom is now at hand
Come forth and face me, coward
Meet your death, stand like a man

Steel penetrates my ribs
The bastard caught me from behind
Yet somehow I barely feel it
Only one thing on my mind

I turn to face the savage
His sword is coming overhead
But my blade is seconds faster
Now he slumps upon it dead

I swore I would return
And now you see I did not lie
I swore to all my gods
That someday I would see you die

Something else from the archives

These are a different style than what I've posted so far. A couple of my darker pieces. I've always been drawn to the post-apocalyptic type of story and these short poems were a couple of my takes on that style.

The Dark Apostle

Shotgun cradled in his hand
He travels all across the land

Bringing justice, bringing hate
The well-armed hand of fickle fate

A quiet highway, dead of night
Another villain taking flight
Just off the road he tries to hide
Abandoned building, ducks inside

But he can only hide so long
Before the stranger plays his song
A symphony of blood and gore
The hand of justice craving more

A broken body laying dead
A pool of blood around his head
A path he never should have crossed
A life of crime, a life now lost

He leaves his mark, a crucifix
Upon the body it's affixed
So passerby will see and know
Who made the bubbling claret flow

A signal and a warning sign
To those who wallow in their crimes
You're never safe, it's never through
The Dark Apostle's seeking you

Barren Street

Desolation all I see
Destruction laying at my feet
A feast of famine for my eyes
The far off sound of broken cries

It's everything and so much less
Smoke so acrid steals my breath
Broken glass lays all around
Howling wind the only sound

A city that once stood so proud
Has now been leveled to the ground
A wasteland all that now remains
The gentle sound of acid rain

Bodies burned beyond repair
I look at them with vacant stare
Nothing now but empty shells
They've moved onto another Hell

There's nothing left here to be saved
This place has nothing left to take
It's just a piece of naked land
Along the coast of crystal sands

One last look, I walk away
Time to move on anyway
The radiation burns my feet
As I take the turn off Barren Street

Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Know You

To Know You

Your body is the temple
That I long to worship in
I want to know your pleasures
Need to taste your sweetest sins

To feel your skin beneath my touch
To know your soft caress
To hear you moan so quietly
My lips so warm upon your breasts

To feel you writhe and shiver
As I taste you long and slow
To feel your hands upon me
As my hardness starts to grow

To feel your sultry mouth
As I slide between your lips
To feel your fingers digging
Deep into my rocking hips

To hear you groan aloud
As I sink myself so deep
Inside your pulsing flower
Tonight's for loving, we'll not sleep

To hear your aching cries
As I invade you hard and fast
To feel your honey flow
As I take you to the last

To know you from the inside
To fulfill your wanton needs
Won't stop until I've had you
Until I've set your passions free

Your Sweet Taste

Temptress dark, you rule the night
I look for you to ease my plight
To ease the ache, to ease the pain
To soothe the lust within my brain

I thirst for you, your juices sweet
I lay myself before your feet
A victim willing in your game
Just to hear you say my name

You taunt me with your naked form
You tease me with your kisses warm
You touch me and I moan aloud
My tongue must know your aching mound

I drink you in, your sultry wine
I savor you, I take my time
I quench my thirst between your thighs
I see the passion in your eyes

You grind yourself against my face
As I attack your wicked place
Your juices running down my chin
You cry out as you shake within

You leave me now just as you came
A fevered image in my brain
A picture that I can't erase
The lingering of your sweet taste

Secret Place

Secret Place

I long to find your secret place
I need to know your sultry taste
My fingers trace so carefully
As I watch you writhe for me

You feel my tongue against your thigh
I see the wanting in your eyes
A gentle lick upon your sex
Your taste so sweet, so warm and wet

Your moans of pleasure make you mine
I thirst to drink your tempting wine
You flow so free, so uncontrolled
How I love to hear you groan

You press yourself against my face
Not a precious drop of you I'll waste
You hold my head so tight to you
You cry aloud, cry at the moon

You beckon me to come inside
Between your legs I gently slide
Slowly now I penetrate
Your aching lust has found a mate

Your walls around my throbbing steel
I close my eyes, enjoy the feel
The feel of bodies slick with sweat
The feel of bodies soaking wet

We grind together in a trance
Locked tight in a passion dance
Rhythm faster, like our hearts
As our climax slowly starts

Crescendo builds, sex in the air
Like frenzied beasts without a care
As I feel you come once more
Inside you deep my essence flows

You lay beneath me, tousled hair
Slight shiver in the evening air
A gentle kiss upon your face
At last I've known your secret place

Two Beasts

Two Beasts

A dim lit alley
'Neath the lights
The scent of passion
Fills the night

Two bodies lean
Against a wall
They feel the need
They want it all

She rips the buttons
From his shirt
As his hands
Climb up her skirt

Moistened panties
Pushed aside
As his fingers
Probe inside

His power
She unleashes swift
It stands so proud
It stands so stiff

He whispers of
His aching want
They take the risk
Of getting caught

Her back to him
She waits to feel
The thrusting of
His hardened steel

An entry swift
So hard and fast
From full red lips
A lusty gasp

His thickened shaft
Between her thighs
She groans and tightly
Shuts her eyes

He pulls her hair
And grunts her name
Two animals
Devoid of shame

Impassioned cries
Fly from her lips
As he holds tight
To rocking hips

A lusty yell
As they both come
As their bodies
Become one

Against the wall
Her tongue meets his
In a long
And fiery kiss

The alleyway
Sex in the air
Two primal beasts
Without a care

Voodoo Heat

Voodoo Heat

Wanton woman bathed in fire
Naked, dripping with desire
A scent of sex, a scent of sin
Watching as her dance begins

Primal rhythm, voodoo beat
A slave in shackles at her feet
Her hips grind slowly in his face
As she holds his head in place

His tongue explores her wild flower
As she revels in her power
Pleasure from his mouth so warm
A tingle through her naked form

Drum beats faster, juices drip
Her taste is running down his lips
He drinks her in so desperately
Driven, almost greedily

Satisfied, yet needing more
Together now upon the floor
She takes his hardness in her hand
Is he beast or is he man

Her hand moves steady, up and down
He stands so stiff, so thick and proud
She straddles him between her thighs
She guides him in, lets out a sigh

Every aching inch inside
Slowly now she starts to ride
His manhood tight between her walls
Upon his chest her fingers crawl

Harder now and faster still
They revel in the lusty thrill
Atop her now, he deeply drives
Drives his throbbing spear inside

A shudder as her climax wakes
Soaked in sweat they start to shake
An orgasm of sight and sound
Voodoo heat, her aching mound

Howls of pleasure in the night
Bodies naked, lithe and tight
Underneath the moon so high
Wanton woman satisfied

Just a few words to start out

At the encouragement of a few people I've decided to start this page as a place to post the ramblings I sometimes come up with. Sometimes they're action/adventure writings, sometimes they're just simple poems, but usually it's just my normal random smut as I like to call it.
I enjoy writing but don't fancy myself as much of a writer really. lol

Anyhow, as the days progress I'll try to add a bit more about myself and my writings.

If you take the time to read thanks much and I hope you enjoy.