Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Beasts

Two Beasts

A dim lit alley
'Neath the lights
The scent of passion
Fills the night

Two bodies lean
Against a wall
They feel the need
They want it all

She rips the buttons
From his shirt
As his hands
Climb up her skirt

Moistened panties
Pushed aside
As his fingers
Probe inside

His power
She unleashes swift
It stands so proud
It stands so stiff

He whispers of
His aching want
They take the risk
Of getting caught

Her back to him
She waits to feel
The thrusting of
His hardened steel

An entry swift
So hard and fast
From full red lips
A lusty gasp

His thickened shaft
Between her thighs
She groans and tightly
Shuts her eyes

He pulls her hair
And grunts her name
Two animals
Devoid of shame

Impassioned cries
Fly from her lips
As he holds tight
To rocking hips

A lusty yell
As they both come
As their bodies
Become one

Against the wall
Her tongue meets his
In a long
And fiery kiss

The alleyway
Sex in the air
Two primal beasts
Without a care