Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Passion Flood

The moon so full
A winter night
Your naked body
Warm and tight

I see you move
I need you now
Must get to you
I don't care how

You beckon me
Upon your bed
Lustful thoughts
Invade my head

I kiss you full
I kiss you deep
My soul is yours
It's yours to keep

You whisper to me
"Come inside"
Inside your walls
I gently slide

Aching bodies
We are one
Naked, writhing
Passion flood

You moan my name
I thrust so fast
I need to hear
Your sultry gasp

I feel you tighten
Round my steel
Our inner beasts
Have been revealed

I moan aloud
As I explode
You kiss me
As your juices flow

We come together
Out of breath
Until again
I take you next

Coming soon

New material and hopefully putting up some older stuff that hasn't seen the light of day in awhile.
Just plain been too busy to update these days. Life and such. lmao

Stay tuned!