Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Passion Flood

The moon so full
A winter night
Your naked body
Warm and tight

I see you move
I need you now
Must get to you
I don't care how

You beckon me
Upon your bed
Lustful thoughts
Invade my head

I kiss you full
I kiss you deep
My soul is yours
It's yours to keep

You whisper to me
"Come inside"
Inside your walls
I gently slide

Aching bodies
We are one
Naked, writhing
Passion flood

You moan my name
I thrust so fast
I need to hear
Your sultry gasp

I feel you tighten
Round my steel
Our inner beasts
Have been revealed

I moan aloud
As I explode
You kiss me
As your juices flow

We come together
Out of breath
Until again
I take you next


  1. Love this one! I'm following you Kev... are you scared? lol ;)

  2. Oh my, BLS, I'm feeling a little excited :blush:


  3. I'm being followed?



    Thanks ladies. Great to see you!