Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Hunt On Autumn Night

A whisper in the Autumn night
A predator is taking flight
She has a thirst she must fulfill
The hunt begins, she feels the thrill

A barren path, a man alone
A wanderer without a home
Perfect victim, perfect flight
She finds the one she'll taste tonight

From the trees he hears a sound
A woman lovely, tears abound
He rushes to her trembling side
She pulls away, she tries to hide

He offers comfort for her pain
He helps her to her feet again
She puts her head upon his chest
The only sound her quaking breath

She looks into his gentle eyes
She thanks him for his help this night
Without a thought a gentle kiss
Throughout his body, waves of bliss

He pulls her tight, their mouths collide
A sudden rush he feels inside
They lay upon the forest floor
With each caress he wants her more

He strips her bare, her body sweet
Perfection from her head to feet
Breasts so full within his mouth
From her lips a sultry sound

He moves between her silken thighs
She shuts her eyes so very tight
She feels his mouth upon that spot
Every muscle going taut

His tongue caresses every fold
A moan of lust shoots through the cold
He feels her honey start to drip
Her taste so sweet upon his lips

She pulls him close, she needs him now
Deep within her aching mound
She grasps him firm within her hands
Every inch of swollen man

A sudden thrust, her sex impaled
Into the dark, two lovers wail
He drives himself so hard and deep
A frozen moment both will keep

Two naked bodies intertwined
Sex consumes their fevered minds
Like frenzied beasts their bodies thrash
Her nails dig deep into his back

He groans aloud at such sweet pain
She begs him harder yet again
She starts to tighten 'round his shaft
Climactic waves begin to crash

In unison they reach such heights
In the dead of Autumn night
Her lips so sweet upon his neck
As he takes his final breath

A pain so sharp from pointed fangs
His body starts to slowly sag
A shudder, then completely limp
Drops of crimson on her lips

Her thirst abated for a time
She reaches down to shut his eyes
It's time to rest, the hunt is through
Tomorrow it shall start anew

Friday, May 4, 2012

Pleasures of a Hot Night P. 1

Humid like a curtain
Hanging heavy on the land
Her body glistens, salty sweat
His world within her hands

A throbbing tempo in the night
Her body moves along
In his head he can't escape
Her tempting, moody song

Her hands upon his chest
Heavy breathing, starts to heave
He knows that he should go away
And yet he cannot leave

Temptation naked, touching him
Heavy groaning in the air
A kiss so soft upon his lips
Hands running through his hair

She kneels before him as he begs
To know her mouth so warm
Sultry strokes on naked thighs
She massages shaking form

She takes him in so softly
Arcs of pleasure taking hold
She devours him completely
Beneath the moon of hazy gold

Relentless in her pleasures
Aching steel between her lips
A slave to all her whims
As hands explore his every inch

Tremors through his body
He can't control the shake
Engulfed in her, ecstatic
Another second he can't take

A moan and an eruption
She drinks in all he offers fore
A little taste is all he's had
He knows now he needs much more