Friday, May 4, 2012

Pleasures of a Hot Night P. 1

Humid like a curtain
Hanging heavy on the land
Her body glistens, salty sweat
His world within her hands

A throbbing tempo in the night
Her body moves along
In his head he can't escape
Her tempting, moody song

Her hands upon his chest
Heavy breathing, starts to heave
He knows that he should go away
And yet he cannot leave

Temptation naked, touching him
Heavy groaning in the air
A kiss so soft upon his lips
Hands running through his hair

She kneels before him as he begs
To know her mouth so warm
Sultry strokes on naked thighs
She massages shaking form

She takes him in so softly
Arcs of pleasure taking hold
She devours him completely
Beneath the moon of hazy gold

Relentless in her pleasures
Aching steel between her lips
A slave to all her whims
As hands explore his every inch

Tremors through his body
He can't control the shake
Engulfed in her, ecstatic
Another second he can't take

A moan and an eruption
She drinks in all he offers fore
A little taste is all he's had
He knows now he needs much more

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