Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Yay! I actually have some besides myself. lmao

Seriously, though. Thanks to those that are following publicly and those that are just stopping by to read. (Yeah, I know you're out there...lol. Thanks much for the comments!)

I'm hoping to get a few more pieces up later in the week. Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 18, 2010



Outside the wind begins to gust
Inside a storm, a storm of lust
Outside, the sound of driving rain
Inside, a long and aching pain

As I watch her move toward me
I watch her set the devil free
Her tousled hair and wicked smile
She's passionate and she's unbridled

A long, hard kiss upon my lips
Against me, feel her grinding hips
She feels my hardness and she grins
How I hope she lets me in

Clothes on the floor, her nakedness
Her lusty curves a sinful bliss
Her creamy skin and supple breasts
Her hands upon my naked chest

She strips me down, admires me
Manhood stands completely free
Her gentle stroking, soft and slow
Her perfect touch ignites a glow

I lay her down upon the bed
She lays her hands upon my head
Between her legs, my mouth attacks
A gentle sigh, arch of her back

She moans my name and asks for more
My tongue a pleasure at her door
I tell her she must come for me
I need her nectar flowing free

She tastes so perfect, tastes so sweet
She shudders as she cries for me
I drink her in, each sultry drop
Until I have I will not stop

My hardness aches to be inside
I feel her grasp my bulging pride
She guides me to her entrance tight
Her walls a warm and wet delight

I thrust my hips, inside her deep
This moment how I wish to keep
Wrapped around me, feels so good
Better then I dreamed she would

Making love all through the night
Our naked bodies intertwined
As I erupt, I feel her flinch
As I drive hard, drive every inch

I feel her climax, hot and sweet
I feel her wetness over me
I kiss her lips, I stroke her face
Inside her I have found my place

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More smut to come

I'll try to get more of the smut up there when I have the time. Been a bit crazy lately and haven't had a ton of free time to dig some up and/or write anything new.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nature's Hands

A brewing storm
The wind outside
Mother Nature's
Howling cry

The sound of anger
Vengeful wails
Mother starts
To tell her tale

From the ground
The trees are ripped
A brutal scream
From angry lips

From the sky
There comes a rain
Mother Nature's
Tears of pain

A flood of hate
A flood of fear
Make no mistake
No safety here

Ride it out
May want to pray
That Nature
Sees a better day

And when it's done
Not much still stands
The wicked work
Of Nature's hands

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Angel And The Devil

The Angel And The Devil

Hypnotize you
Mesmerize you
Soon enough I'll be inside you

Look in my eyes
Between your thighs
Feel the heat begin to rise

Feel the ache
Feel the lust
Let me take you, as I must

Your naked body
Next to mine
Let me touch you, take my time

Feel my touch
Feel my caress
Heart is pounding in your chest

I'll excite you
I'll invite you
Find that place so deep inside you

Lay down now
Upon your bed
Tell me all that's in your head

Tell me all
No secrets now
Tell me just exactly how

Is it pleasure?
Is it pain?
Let your passions fall like rain

I'll fan your flame
I'll stoke your fire
Tell me all your dark desires

With my tongue
With my hands
Every inch I am a man

Give your body
Up to me
Let me come and set you free

Your naked body
All I need
To taste your lips so soft and sweet

A wanton angel
What you are
I'm the devil from afar

Let me close
Let me in
Let me taste delicious sin

A taste of Heaven
All I want
In my trap you've now been caught

You know it's true
The things that I could do with you

Here we lay
Upon your bed
Tell me all that's in your head



Two naked bodies intertwined
A fantasy of flesh and mind

Two kindred souls so decadent
Intoxicated by her scent

Tongues locked within a passion dance
Two primal lovers drawn by chance

Hands moving slow want to explore
Want each other more and more

A raging fire in her eyes
Slowly now between her thighs

Searching for her hidden treasures
Long to taste her sweetest pleasures

Wandering tongue moves ever slow
Each passing second as he grows

A frenzy now within her head
As she writhes upon the bed

She grasps him as eyes open wide
She begs to feel him deep inside

Touching, teasing aching steel
She longs to know just how he feels

Succumbing to her wanton will
Anticipation, such a thrill

Behind her she can feel his breath
His warm, slow kisses on her neck

A whisper now within her ear
As he prepares to take her here

Inside her now, so warm and tight
Impassioned moans that shake the night

Thrusting, writhing, grinding hips
A scream of lust from her red lips

Lost within their ecstasy
Honey starts to flow so free

Impending climax, on the brink
In sinful heaven they are linked

Collapsing now with sweet release
While Heaven screams the Devil sings