Friday, September 3, 2010



Two naked bodies intertwined
A fantasy of flesh and mind

Two kindred souls so decadent
Intoxicated by her scent

Tongues locked within a passion dance
Two primal lovers drawn by chance

Hands moving slow want to explore
Want each other more and more

A raging fire in her eyes
Slowly now between her thighs

Searching for her hidden treasures
Long to taste her sweetest pleasures

Wandering tongue moves ever slow
Each passing second as he grows

A frenzy now within her head
As she writhes upon the bed

She grasps him as eyes open wide
She begs to feel him deep inside

Touching, teasing aching steel
She longs to know just how he feels

Succumbing to her wanton will
Anticipation, such a thrill

Behind her she can feel his breath
His warm, slow kisses on her neck

A whisper now within her ear
As he prepares to take her here

Inside her now, so warm and tight
Impassioned moans that shake the night

Thrusting, writhing, grinding hips
A scream of lust from her red lips

Lost within their ecstasy
Honey starts to flow so free

Impending climax, on the brink
In sinful heaven they are linked

Collapsing now with sweet release
While Heaven screams the Devil sings

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