Monday, August 30, 2010

The Reclamation

This piece is a sword and sorcery inspired poem I wrote. It's a basic revenge tale with a medieval backdrop. I have to admit I rather enjoyed writing this one and even now as I re-read it I am somewhat happy with the way it turned out.
I think the mindset appeals to me. Sometimes terrible things happen and we, for whatever reason, cannot strike back as we might like. The primal instinct is there in most of us, but obviously we cannot indulge said instinct.

When I refer to the primal instinct I am not referring specifically to physical violence. Sometimes even giving someone who's screwed us over a simple "Fuck you" isn't a viable option.

Anyhow, enough from me. This is a flight of fancy for everyone out there that's ever been wronged.



The Reclamation

Snow capped mountains up ahead
Dirty devils at the gates
My axe is sharp, my sword is forged
From the flames of blackened hate

Approaching ever silent
So to catch them by surprise
A violent hail of ripping flesh
Splattered blood within my eyes

Through the gates I see two more
I send them straight to Hell
The stench of dying demons
Leaves a filthy, acrid smell

I cross the moat and I am met
By a vile, swarming horde
I run the bastards through
I raise my blade and greet some more

Heads are rolling to the ground
Skulls split clean in half
Amidst the blinding carnage
I let out a hearty laugh

No surrender, no retreat
Nothing but the fight
The sounds of brutal amputation
Ring aloud through chilly night

I breach the castle walls
And I see another wave
In service to their master
The puppets fall and die in vain

I've come to claim my property
I've come to claim what's mine
Stole my castle, stole my queen
I'm here to take them back tonight

I'm just outside the chambers
Your time of doom is now at hand
Come forth and face me, coward
Meet your death, stand like a man

Steel penetrates my ribs
The bastard caught me from behind
Yet somehow I barely feel it
Only one thing on my mind

I turn to face the savage
His sword is coming overhead
But my blade is seconds faster
Now he slumps upon it dead

I swore I would return
And now you see I did not lie
I swore to all my gods
That someday I would see you die

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