Sunday, August 29, 2010

Your Sweet Taste

Temptress dark, you rule the night
I look for you to ease my plight
To ease the ache, to ease the pain
To soothe the lust within my brain

I thirst for you, your juices sweet
I lay myself before your feet
A victim willing in your game
Just to hear you say my name

You taunt me with your naked form
You tease me with your kisses warm
You touch me and I moan aloud
My tongue must know your aching mound

I drink you in, your sultry wine
I savor you, I take my time
I quench my thirst between your thighs
I see the passion in your eyes

You grind yourself against my face
As I attack your wicked place
Your juices running down my chin
You cry out as you shake within

You leave me now just as you came
A fevered image in my brain
A picture that I can't erase
The lingering of your sweet taste


  1. My goodness!!! The power you have in your very luscious!!!!