Sunday, August 29, 2010

Secret Place

Secret Place

I long to find your secret place
I need to know your sultry taste
My fingers trace so carefully
As I watch you writhe for me

You feel my tongue against your thigh
I see the wanting in your eyes
A gentle lick upon your sex
Your taste so sweet, so warm and wet

Your moans of pleasure make you mine
I thirst to drink your tempting wine
You flow so free, so uncontrolled
How I love to hear you groan

You press yourself against my face
Not a precious drop of you I'll waste
You hold my head so tight to you
You cry aloud, cry at the moon

You beckon me to come inside
Between your legs I gently slide
Slowly now I penetrate
Your aching lust has found a mate

Your walls around my throbbing steel
I close my eyes, enjoy the feel
The feel of bodies slick with sweat
The feel of bodies soaking wet

We grind together in a trance
Locked tight in a passion dance
Rhythm faster, like our hearts
As our climax slowly starts

Crescendo builds, sex in the air
Like frenzied beasts without a care
As I feel you come once more
Inside you deep my essence flows

You lay beneath me, tousled hair
Slight shiver in the evening air
A gentle kiss upon your face
At last I've known your secret place


  1. You sure know how to arouse this vampyre!!!!