Sunday, August 29, 2010

Voodoo Heat

Voodoo Heat

Wanton woman bathed in fire
Naked, dripping with desire
A scent of sex, a scent of sin
Watching as her dance begins

Primal rhythm, voodoo beat
A slave in shackles at her feet
Her hips grind slowly in his face
As she holds his head in place

His tongue explores her wild flower
As she revels in her power
Pleasure from his mouth so warm
A tingle through her naked form

Drum beats faster, juices drip
Her taste is running down his lips
He drinks her in so desperately
Driven, almost greedily

Satisfied, yet needing more
Together now upon the floor
She takes his hardness in her hand
Is he beast or is he man

Her hand moves steady, up and down
He stands so stiff, so thick and proud
She straddles him between her thighs
She guides him in, lets out a sigh

Every aching inch inside
Slowly now she starts to ride
His manhood tight between her walls
Upon his chest her fingers crawl

Harder now and faster still
They revel in the lusty thrill
Atop her now, he deeply drives
Drives his throbbing spear inside

A shudder as her climax wakes
Soaked in sweat they start to shake
An orgasm of sight and sound
Voodoo heat, her aching mound

Howls of pleasure in the night
Bodies naked, lithe and tight
Underneath the moon so high
Wanton woman satisfied

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