Sunday, August 29, 2010

To Know You

To Know You

Your body is the temple
That I long to worship in
I want to know your pleasures
Need to taste your sweetest sins

To feel your skin beneath my touch
To know your soft caress
To hear you moan so quietly
My lips so warm upon your breasts

To feel you writhe and shiver
As I taste you long and slow
To feel your hands upon me
As my hardness starts to grow

To feel your sultry mouth
As I slide between your lips
To feel your fingers digging
Deep into my rocking hips

To hear you groan aloud
As I sink myself so deep
Inside your pulsing flower
Tonight's for loving, we'll not sleep

To hear your aching cries
As I invade you hard and fast
To feel your honey flow
As I take you to the last

To know you from the inside
To fulfill your wanton needs
Won't stop until I've had you
Until I've set your passions free


  1. My goodness!!!!! You absolutely take my breath away!!!


  2. The body as the temple, the body one to worship and adore, well done, Morgana.

  3. Thanks much and very nice to see you. Stop back again soon. :)