Friday, September 3, 2010

The Angel And The Devil

The Angel And The Devil

Hypnotize you
Mesmerize you
Soon enough I'll be inside you

Look in my eyes
Between your thighs
Feel the heat begin to rise

Feel the ache
Feel the lust
Let me take you, as I must

Your naked body
Next to mine
Let me touch you, take my time

Feel my touch
Feel my caress
Heart is pounding in your chest

I'll excite you
I'll invite you
Find that place so deep inside you

Lay down now
Upon your bed
Tell me all that's in your head

Tell me all
No secrets now
Tell me just exactly how

Is it pleasure?
Is it pain?
Let your passions fall like rain

I'll fan your flame
I'll stoke your fire
Tell me all your dark desires

With my tongue
With my hands
Every inch I am a man

Give your body
Up to me
Let me come and set you free

Your naked body
All I need
To taste your lips so soft and sweet

A wanton angel
What you are
I'm the devil from afar

Let me close
Let me in
Let me taste delicious sin

A taste of Heaven
All I want
In my trap you've now been caught

You know it's true
The things that I could do with you

Here we lay
Upon your bed
Tell me all that's in your head

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