Sunday, February 6, 2011

Decadent Call

An autumn night, an alley dark
A sultry kiss, a wild spark
Two bodies grind, a passion play
Exploring hands must find their way

Beneath the lights, a sexy moan
She touches him, he starts to groan
She takes his hardness in her hands
Every inch of throbbing man

His mouth so hot upon her breast
Heart is racing in her chest
An evening chill within the air
His hands pull gently at her hair

Her body moving up and down
His fingers find her aching mound
She gasps aloud and lets him in
Two bodies drenched with sweat and sin

He penetrates her hard and swift
His hands upon her writhing hips
Deep inside her moistened walls
A driving rain begins to fall

Their devil dance grows quicker still
Engulfed within their lusty thrills
She squeezes tight around his shaft
Their climax coming hard and fast

She drenches him in honey fair
As he erupts without a care
They brace themselves against the wall
An answer given to the call

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