Sunday, February 6, 2011

When Heaven Meets Hell

They met upon the battlefield
Where neither side refused to yield
Archangels facing Lucifer
That was where he first saw her

A stalemate on the field that night
Both sides withdrew and ceased to fight
But he knew they'd meet again
They'd meet upon the field of sin

She thought about his evil gaze
In her mind both night and day
Would she see him another time?
Forbidden lust would be their crime

Her face was in his fevered brain
A lust so deep it brought him pain
He called to her through astral planes
He had to see her once again

Defiantly through Heaven's gate
She went to meet her demon mate
Through Halls of Hades he did crawl
To make that lovely angel fall

They met upon the field again
Her eyes surveyed his evil grin
She gave a look, returned in kind
Unholy union on their minds

They moved together, warm embrace
Her ruby lips he had to taste
Tongues danced along in sinful glee
Never had they felt so free

His caress upon her shoulders white
His body felt so hard and tight
They lay together on the ground
His tongue explored her sultry mound

Tasting her was so divine
Finer than the sweetest wine
She arched her back and held his head
A moan passed from her lips so red

His face a mask so glistening
He longed to make this angel sing
She shuddered as her juices flowed
The demon's hardness fully grown

Her aching sex, it beckoned him
To bring his stiffness deep within
He entered her, their eyes went wide
As he plunged so deep inside

Around his shaft she wrapped so tight
Cries of passion in the night
The Heaven's shook and Hades roared
Forbidden lust would take it's toll

He kissed her hard and thrust so fast
Each thrust was harder than the last
She grasped his body, pulled him near
He whispered sins within her ear

Together now, two bodies one
The angel and the demon's son
Their climax like a driving rain
The world around them gone away

A gentle kiss they softly shared
As they basked within the evening air
She looked above, he looked below
Their masters, they would surely know

That on the field this very night
The sides they met, but not to fight
They met to quench their carnal needs
And left it for the world to see

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