Tuesday, February 8, 2011

As Winter Flies

The driving wind
The snow outside
A fire raging
Warm inside

Upon the rug
She deftly lay
The time is now
She wants to play

She beckons him
To join her there
The fire flickers
On her hair

He kneels beside
Her body tight
Gazes in her eyes
So bright

Their lips join in
A sultry dance
Seductive, slow
A lover's trance

Her porcelain skin
So soft and pure
Succumbing to her
Tempting lure

His arms around her
Holding tight
A lustful bird
Has taken flight

In unison
Their bodies move
Locked into
A sacred groove

Slowly now
He slides within
Upon her lips
A sexy grin

As he penetrates
The naked dance
Of hungry mates

Her sex so moist
Her walls so tight
A lusty moan
Within the night

Impaling her
His throbbing shaft
Deep in her throat
A breathless gasp

She begs him deeper
Deeper still
Lost inside
The sinful thrill

Convulsing bodies
How they quake
She starts to quiver
As he shakes

An explosion
Deep inside
Through their climax
They both ride

A gentle touch
Hand on his face
Upon his lips
Her fingers trace

A soft embrace
As slumber calls
As winter flies
Outside the walls

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