Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carnal Feast

Two naked bodies intertwined
A carnal feast of flesh and mind
A sultry gasp in evening air
Lips upon her skin so fair

A taunting lick between her thighs
A look of want within her eyes
She needs to feel his love tonight
Between her walls so warm and tight

She takes his hardness in her hands
Every inch of throbbing man
Stroking him so playfully
Groans of lust are flying free

She longs to take his swollen gift
He enters her so hard and swift
Her eyes grow wide as he impales
Into his back she digs her nails

Looking deep into her eyes
As he fills her with his size
She moans aloud and calls for more
As they roll upon the floor

Bodies slick with salty sweat
Two bodies thrusting, soaking wet
A climax starts to build inside
Faster now, their sinful ride

She wraps around him, ever tight
Their sweet release is just in sight
They start to tremble, start to shake
The room around them starts to quake

Two lovers joined in ecstasy
Two animals so wild and free
A warm embrace, a soulful kiss
As they collapse within their bliss

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