Sunday, March 27, 2011


Tonight you'll close your tired eyes
As thoughts of pleasure move your mind
Passion pictures everywhere
The scent of sex in cool night air

You try to chase them from your head
As you twist upon your bed
Your naked body stirring 'round
From your lips a wanton sound

I hear your calling quietly
I hear desire calling me
To quench the thirst you feel within
To wrap you in a cloak of sin

I watch you writhe, I hear you beg
As you part your dreamy legs
You beckon me to take a taste
Another second I'll not waste

My tongue caresses up and down
Pleasure on your aching mound
Drinking all your sacred wine
Tonight, forever, you'll be mine

I feel your honey start to drip
A sweet delight on evil lips
Baptized by your sex so wet
Our bodies slick with salty sweat

My hardened shaft is standing proud
I want to hear you moan aloud
As I drive it deep within
A subtle kiss, an evil grin

Your gates are open wide to me
Our inner demons running free
I sheathe myself inside your warmth
As my hands peruse your naked form

Breasts so full, your grinding hips
Your sparkling eyes and ruby lips
Perfection in it's purest form
Our tongues engage in playful war

Driven by my aching lust
The heavens crumble, left to dust
Impaling you so hard and fast
Until I'm emptied to the last

A shudder and a violent shake
Our bodies start to move and quake
We hold each other tighter still
Engulfed within a blackened thrill

My naked body pressed to yours
A quiet wind outside the door
For now at least we've found our peace
Until again we crave release

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