Saturday, April 2, 2011

As You Let Me Know

Your darkest depths
Your deep desires
I want to warm
Beside your fire

I want to taste
Your honey sweet
I want to worship
At your feet

See your body
Standing there
To see your soul
Your lust laid bare

I want to take you
On the bed
The fantasy
Within your head

To caress you
With my ready mouth
My tongue slowly circles
All around

You arch your back
My name you moan
How I love
To hear you groan

You writhe beneath me
As you come
Your juices warmer
Than the sun

A flood of sweetness
On my face
Your hips thrust
At a quickened pace

To pleasure you
My driving force
To hear you ask me
For some more

To see the smile
On your face
As you let me know
Your taste

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