Saturday, November 5, 2011

No Goodbyes

Something a bit different from my usual fare.

I recall your touch the day we met
And never will my mind forget
The smile on your lovely lips
As you gave to me a tender kiss

I recall the feel of your embrace
And every tear upon your face
Each moment etched within my mind
Cannot forget, nor will I try

Though times have changed and so have we
Still you mean the world to me
A different place, a different time
When I was yours and you were mine

And though we travel different roads
I never feel that I'm alone
For deep within my memories
You walk the beaten path with me

No one can take what we have shared
Or change the fact that we both cared
Beyond the sadness, past the pain
I still smile when I say your name

"To have loved and lost" I think it goes
A hollow truth but still I know
That though we've gone our separate ways
I wouldn't trade a single day

Thank you for the memories
And thank you most for saving me
For what I am I owe to you
No matter what this much is true

I wipe a tear and force a smile
These words I find hard to compile
I wish I could and though I try
I know we'll never say goodbye

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