Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Huntress And Her Hunted

Caught in a tempest of temptation
Slipped inside a world of sin
A glint of evil in her eyes
Upon her lips a wicked grin

She stalks her prey so carefully
The huntress of the night
He moans aloud and begs
To know her walls so warm and tight

She teases and she taunts him
Stringing him along
Gets inside his head
As she sings her siren song

Her body is a symphony
Every naked, supple curve
She speaks to him in motions
Never uttering a word

She won't allow him respite
She will not allow him rest
As her ruby lips so softly
Kiss his hot and heaving chest

Her hands caress his body
As he enters her so deep
The devil has awoken
The one so fast asleep

Their bodies locked in rhythm
In a dance of want and need
Feverishly writhing
As they move with sultry speed

Hard and fast, two animals
Let passions run away
As the huntress and her hunted
Let inner passions play

A gasp as he impales her
As he readies to erupt
She pulls him close and tight
As he fills her loving cup

The cold night air is nothing
To their bodies soaked in sweat
For a raging fire started
When at last they finally met

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