Sunday, September 25, 2011

Night Rain

The night rain falls so hard and fast
The skies are crying at long last
From the hut, a flickered flame
He hears the whisper of his name

Something draws him to the door
A huntress crawls upon the floor
Beckons him to step inside
To feed the flesh and feed the mind

He sits upon a weathered chair
She eyes him up through tousled hair
A wicked grin upon her lips
Upon his chest her fingertips

Her gentle touch brings him to life
Her hand upon his swollen pride
Slowly stroking, coaxing him
Her mouth so wet now takes him in

He groans aloud as she performs
His mind awash in sinful swarms
Growing hotter in the room
A she plays a tawdry tune

He knows that he must take her now
He pledges all in solemn vow
Victory is in her eyes
She allows him now to claim his prize

His hands explore her body bare
The scent of sex within the air
From behind he enters fast
Her lips release a lusty gasp

Invading her, he thrusts so deep
Desire wakes from silent sleep
Her walls around him, gripping tight
Their moans of lust pierce darkened night

Hints of pleasure mixed with pain
As he penetrates her yet again
Her sweetest honey starts to drip
As he kisses ruby lips

Bucking, grinding, symphony
Naked bodies, sinful glee
As he erupts she pulls him tight
As the rains fall steady in the night

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